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July 2019

The piano is now restored. It has been tuned several time and some preliminary adjustments have been made so the piano is playable and start to settle.

It can now be prepared. A piano preparation consist of the lubrication and regulation of the action and keyboard, tuning and voicing.

  • Photo du rédacteurPierre

Dernière mise à jour : 4 août 2019

08th of June

First, I replaced the felts.

Then I could install the new strings and pins. Starting from the middle section to the trebles where strings get thinner and thinner.

Then the bass strings.

  • Photo du rédacteurPierre

Dernière mise à jour : 30 juin 2019

23rd of February

Here is the condition of the keyboard when it arrived in Freo.

The white key tops were due for replacement.

Balance and front bushing felts had to be replaced, using Steinway's white felt.

The back key felt (in contact between the key and the damper lever) also had to be replaced.

The black key sides needed repainting.

Ready to be adjusted!

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