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The swing test!

Dernière mise à jour : 8 nov. 2018

03rd of November

Today is the perfect day to do some centre pin replacement. According to my hygrometer, the humidity level is near 50% so my work will be done in optimum conditions.

In case you wonder, this is not a slow-mo!

This hammer was not moving correctly due to the corrosion and the tightness around the centre pin. Each pin must have a specified amount of frictional resistance in order to work properly.

centre pin replacement

I removed the old centre pin, measured its diameter, reamed the bushing felts (around the pin) and selected the new pin that will define the right friction. To give you an idea, the pin selection goes up in .02mm increments which makes it significantly tighter or looser.

The hammer now swings properly (between 3 and 7 swings).

One done, eighty seven more hammers to go!

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